Get plausible cleavages in few clicks

The Proteasix tool: Predicted finding mode

Step 1: copy and paste your peptide list and Click Next Step

Peptide ID  Protein AC/ID   Start AA  Stop AA
The Proteasix tool in the predicted finding mode allows single or batch peptide-centric calculations (maximum of 3K peptides) to obtain the probability of cleavage by a protease based on MEROPS specificity matrices. Read More

Step 2: use UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot and trEMBL) to obtain the amino acid sequence of the parent protein per peptide

The automatic reconstruction of N- and C-terminal Cleavage Sites is finished. Click Next Step
to match against the cleavage site collection

Step 3: cleavage probability calculation for the N-terminus and the C-terminus of each peptide

The probability of cleavage by a protase based on MEROPS specificity matrices was calculated. Click Next Step
to get your results